Community Health Initiatives

Health Initiatives


Integrated Family Medicine & Aesthetic Wellness’s mission is to advance and enhance the quality of healthcare access in Black and multiethnic communities in Pierce County, WA State. We are a minority- woman owned medical clinic. We represent, work and live within the multiethnic communities in Tacoma. Our initiatives are centered on the family’s overall well-being. The war on drugs has destroyed the health of our family. Unnecessary stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, physical and mental abuse, and PTSD have resulted in our children, who are now adults and ill-prepared to either contribute positively to society as thriving members of the workforce or to raise their own children with the life skills necessary to develop into capable adults. Providing for, investing in and empowering our children and teenagers has never been more crucial than it is right now. Over the last year we have supported and partnered with transitional housing organizations and mental health family counselors in their initiatives in providing healthcare screenings and mental health support to their communities (previously incarcerated men and maternal mental health respectively). This year our focus remains on circumventing the detrimental effects the war on drugs continues to express within our family system. 

Happy black family playing together at home

Target Population: Families with children

1. Health and Nutrition Education Programs

Objective: To educate and empower families with knowledge about healthy eating, physical activity, and mental wellness.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Conduct regular workshops on nutrition, cooking healthy meals on a budget, understanding food labels, and the importance of physical activity. These can be tailored for different age groups and genders.
  • School Programs: Support the implementation of nutrition education and physical activity programs in schools. Partner with local organizations and schools to integrate these into the curriculum, ensuring children learn about healthy lifestyles from a young age.
  • Health Fairs and Screenings: Support, Host or Participate in health fairs offering free or sliding scale services/screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and BMI. Include booths for nutrition advice, nutritional psychiatry resources, and fitness demonstrations.
  • Family-Oriented Activities: Support, Participate in or Sponsor family-friendly events that promote physical activity and healthy living, such as community sports leagues, family fitness days, and outdoor adventure days.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Ensure all educational materials and sessions are culturally relevant, addressing specific dietary habits, health beliefs, and barriers within the community.

  • Collaborate with local community centers, nonprofit organizations, churches, and schools.
  • Engage local health professionals, nutritionists, and fitness experts from within the community to lead sessions or to provide their communities the access to the education.
  • Utilize social media and local radio to promote events and share educational content.

2. Accessible Mental Health Services and Support Groups

Objective: To address the rising Youth Violence rates in Pierce County. To provide accessible and culturally competent mental health services, reducing rates of violence, stigma and supporting overall mental well-being.
  • Mental Health Clinic: Establish grant funded low-cost or free mental health program in our clinic for the community, staffed by culturally competent professionals- community therapists and prescribers. Our mental health programs plan on utilizing psychotherapy-CBT and recommending other treatment modalities such as TMS, EMDR, Ketamine for treatment of mood disorders in Adolescents & Adults.
  • Support Groups: Create support groups for different demographics—children, men, women—focusing on issues such as anger management, stress management, coping with racism, parenting support, and dealing with trauma. 
  • Training and Workshops: 
  • Offer training for community leaders and members on mental health first aid, recognizing signs of mental illness and trauma, and providing initial support.
  • Partner with local mental health organizations such as NAMI Pierce County and mental health providers (Therapists, Social Workers and Counselors ).
  • Partner with local nonprofits to provide workshops to the public and employers. 
  • Secure funding through grants and community fundraising efforts.
  • Utilize existing community spaces for group meetings and clinics.

3. Health Screenings

Objective: To improve and provide accessible and culturally competent health screening services across the lifespan of the family.
  • Health Screenings: Establish grant funded low-cost or free health screening clinics. Women’s Health Screenings: Pap Smears, Pre, Peri and Postnatal care. Adolescent Health Screenings, Men’s Health Screenings.
  • Training and Workshops: 
  • Support local health and non profit organizations in their breast health/ mammogram screening, chronic disease management programs with resources to implement within their communities and organizations.
  • Partner with local health organizations and non profit organizations to provide workshops to the public and employers on wellness programs. 
  • Secure funding through grants and community fundraising efforts to provide low cost or free services to the community.
  • Utilize existing community spaces and clinics for education on chronic disease management in group meetings and for Women, Men and Adolescent Health Exams.
Multicultural family playing with a newborn at home


These initiatives aim to address the health of the family holistically, focusing on education, mental health, and physical activity while being culturally relevant and accessible. Collaboration with local leaders, health professionals, and community organizations is crucial to the success and sustainability of these programs. We advocate tirelessly for our families and communities as agents of change.